November Youth of the Month: Sherlyn

Congratulations to our November Member of the Month, Sherlyn Gomez! Sherlyn is 8 years old and attends Sandy Elementary, where her favorite subject is Art. When Sherlyn grows up she wants to become a Gymnast. What Sherlyn likes most about herself is that she is friendly to everyone. When asked why she thought she was voted Member of the Month she replied, “my friends like me.” Sherlyn has been a member for 2 years; in that time, she has learned how to play different board games. When we asked Sherlyn what she liked to do at The Sandy Club, she said, “going outside with her friends.” If Sherlyn had one wish she would get a bunch of slime. Congratulations once again Sherlyn! We are so proud of you!!2F1C1CA9-331D-4311-9A53-FF245FB52592.jpeg

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