Covid Policy

The Sandy Club, “A Safe Place for Boys and Girls” is working diligently to comply with health standards and policies as dictate by Utah State Health Department and other government agencies. As such, the following recommendations are in place:

*PLEASE NOTE: The Sandy Club will close due to local/national mandates or when the schools we serve are closed due to the current pandemic.*

  • All staff and visitors must wear a mask while inside the building
  • Social Distancing will be practiced during all activities both inside and outside of the building
  • Hand washing and surface sanitizing will occur after each activity and before/after any snacks
  • The facility will be sanitized at noon and the end of each day
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be available throughout the building
  • No more than 50 persons will be permitted in the building at any given time.
  • Temperature checks will be conducted for all staff and visitors upon arrival
  • Any persons (staff or visitor) exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 will be sent home.
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