Summer Program

*Please note: The 2021 Summer Program is currently full and is only taking waitlist registrations.

Summer Program 2021 is a daily program filled with learning experiences, social time, and fun. In addition to daily activities run by The Sandy Club Staff and ample social time, Summer Program 2021 will also feature SEL and STEM Learning Programs taught by licensed teachers and Social-Emotional Learning and Yoga Workshops hosted by WholeKids Emotional Wellness.

Field Trips will be a highlight of Summer Program 2021 including 4 swimming trips, a trip to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, and a trip to Utah’s Hogle Zoo. The dates for those trips are as follows:

Swimming TripsJune 17th / June 23rd / July 9th / July 21st
Loveland Living Planet AquariumJune 14th
Hogle ZooJuly 20th

All Field Trips will require permission slips in order for children to attend. Permission slips will be both emailed and handed out to children. NO CHILD WILL BE ABLE TO ATTEND WITHOUT A SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP. Parents will be given ample notice of times of trips to make any arrangements necessary. No staff will be at the club during field trips. Parents will be notified of this and other planning information through our welcome email for the Summer Program

We will also be hosting 3 Family Events on June 11th, July 9th, and August 20th.

If you have any questions regarding scheduling for Summer Program 2021 please contact our office at 801-561-4854.

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