Sandy Club Gives Back

The Sandy Club knows how generosity and service can make a real impact in the world around us! We want to give every member a chance to help and give back to their community. We made fleece blankets for animals at the Humane Society of Utah! Check out these great photos of our members making these blankets.

If you’d like to join in the giving, contact us at 801.561.4854 or for more details.

Linda Martinez Saville Scholarship

The Sandy Club is pleased to present the Linda Martinez Saville Scholarship at Salt Lake Community College. This scholarship continues Linda Martinez Saville’s dedication to education as means to improving our lives and our communities. This scholarship is made available to members of The Sandy Club who attend Salt Lake Community College. Below are listed the general requirements for application:

  • Applicant must be enrolled at Salt Lake Community College
  • Applicant must have 3 or more years of affiliation with The Sandy Club
  • Applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

We have also provided directions to help navigate the application process:

  1. Log in to the SLCC Scholarship Website using your S# (SLCC Student Number)
  2. Complete a scholarship profile
  3. Search available scholarships for “Linda Martinez Saville Scholarship” and complete the general request. Say “Yes” to the question about being affiliated with The Sandy Club.
  4. Complete the essay questions and follow up questions specific to the Linda Martinez Saville Scholarship

Deadline: March 15th at 11:59 pm

Our History & Misson


The Sandy Club, “A Safe Place for Boys and Girls” was founded in 1991 by Linda Martinez Saville as a haven for youth in the Sandy City area. Linda’s unique upbringing and career opportunities showed her the importance of taking care of every person around her. What began as a double wide trailer over 25 years ago has become a fully-dedicated, independently operated “safe place” facility for hundreds of children each year; and a legacy of compassion, determination, and service in Sandy City.


The Sandy Club has been around longer than any youth who attends the facility, yet the vision and compassion that began with Linda Martinez Saville still permeates the building and shapes every interaction inside its walls. Each day children are given a snack, opportunities to play, socialize, and exercise, and opportunities for study help and tutoring with Sandy Club staff and administration. Each year the children are given opportunities to learn about their communities through field trips and community outreach programs from both private and public institutions. The children also receive school supplies, food, coats, and shoes as need dictates and donations support.

The Sandy Club, “A Safe Place for Boys and Girls” began as an organization dedicated to changing lives for young people. As we have grown, so has our range of services. Currently, we help individuals and families by:

  • Providing social interaction for youth with their peer group
  • Providing opportunities for play and activity
  • Teaching healthy lifestyle habits
  • Providing academic tutoring and assistance
  • Access to professional counseling services
  • Access to new clothing and school supplies
  • Providing temporary food support for members and their families
  • Connecting members to community services and support programs

Each of these services is supported through generous donations of time, resources, and materials from generous patrons in the community. The Sandy Club has made an incredible impact in the Sandy City community over the past 25 years and, with the help of generous donors and patrons, plans to ever increase its outreach, opportunities, and impact for many years to come.Please consider donating financial or material resources. For more details, visit our “Donate” tab or click here.