Our Partnerships

WholeKids Emotional Wellness

WholeKids Mission Statement:

The WholeKids mission is to help kids & teens grow into confident, powerful  and emotionally healthy people who realize their full potential in every aspect of life. We use a strengths based approach and evidenced based treatment modalities to help youth realize their full potential. Our goal is to help them experience internal healing & self-mastery to gain mental & emotional strength “

WholeKids offers multiple workshops for our youth to learn self-confidence, conflict resolution skills, mindfulness techniques, and positivity through interpersonal activities and group discussion. Currently, WholeKids offers three workshops at The Sandy Club: Tiny Warriors (ages 5-7), Mighty Warriors (ages 8-10), and Girls Inspired (ages 5-8, 9-12).

Visit their website: https://www.wholekidsutah.com/ for more information.

Westminster College

Westminster College’s School of Education Mission & Vision Statement:

“To prepare and inspire the next generation of innovative leadership for a range of educational contexts”

“To be a leading school of education recognized for living our shared values, and our commitment to community engagement through teaching, learning, scholarship, and service”

Westminster College has several students in both graduate and undergraduate programs who complete practicum coursework by providing research-based academic reading tutoring for The Sandy Club youth. Youth who need help reaching grade level in reading or who’s family would like them to receive additional reading assistance are free to sign up their child with our programs.

Visit Westminster College’s School of Education website: https://www.westminstercollege.edu/about/academic-schools/undergraduate-schools/school-of-education#0 for more information about their practices, values, and community commitments.