Volunteer Sign Up Form

Please fill out the Volunteer Sign-Up Form. Include a brief description of the service you plan to do as well as the estimate time and date of your service. You will be required to sign in at The Sandy Club on the day of your service.

Please Read the Following Volunteer Code of Conduct:

Volunteers are one of the greatest sources of joy for our children here at The Sandy Club, “A Safe Place for Boys and Girls”. Volunteers are expected to abide by the following Code of Conduct. Volunteers must:

  • -Check in with The Sandy Club Administration before their service and check out afterwards.
  • -Wear Name Tags at all times.
  • -Keep appropriate touch barriers. (i.e. yes=high fives & “knuckles”, no=hugs, piggy-backs, etc.)
  • -Use the adult single-use bathrooms rather than the children’s bathrooms.
  • -Never be alone with a child—be in rooms/spaces where a Staff member is present.
  • -Never share their contact information with children or take children’s contact information.
  • -Never discipline children or correct behavior. Ask a Staff for help if there are behavior problems.
  • Be positive, enthusiastic, and willing to participate and be helpful!
  • **Note: Adult Volunteers may be subject to a background check prior to working with children**

By typing your first and last name below, you (and all other volunteers joining your service) verify that you have read the Volunteer Code of Conduct and will abide by its terms and conditions. Individuals who do not abide by this Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the premises.